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Tips For Not Wasting Your DEATHTOUCHED Darts In Runescape

Jagex is always putting cool stuff in Runescape and one of the most interesting weapons, or should we say weapons of mass destruction is DEATHTOUCHED Darts. In case you do not know, these are a very special and limited item that can pretty much kill anything in one hit. This ranges from average monsters to a full on boss.

While of course there are some limitations to what these can kill for the most part the majority of MOBS you come across in Runescape will fall in one hit. But as these can be hard to come by we wanted to give you a couple of tips to make sure you do not waste them…. Or shoot yourself in the foot with one, just joking, you cannot actually do that, but it would be funny if you could.

Tips For Not Wasting Your DEATHTOUCHED Darts In Runescape
Use Souls Spirit

If you kill the right monster and have Soul Spirit then you will get the added benefit of fully healing yourself.

Watch For Bloodveld Leaches

One of the most common ways people have wasted DEATHTOUCHED Darts is on Vanstrom. If you use it on him and there are Bloodveld Leaches around, they will heal him and this wastes your dart! Pest Queen and her Pest Drones have the same effect going.

Use Them For Profit

If you are trying to use your DEATHTOUCHED Darts for maximum profits a few good ways to do this are by using them on The Kalphite King, NEX or even by using them to save a streak when dealing with Telos.

Does Not Work In PVP

As cool as it would be to take down another player with an Instant Kill. DEATHTOUCHED Darts do not work in PVP so keep that in mind.

We think that DEATHTOUCHED Darts is one of the more fun weapons in the world of Runescape and we would love to hear your opinions in the comments below. As always if you are on the hunt for the lowest priced RS Gold, get in touch and we can help you out.

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