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Tips For Defeating The Grotesque Guardians In OSRS

As well as offering you the best place to buy Old School Runescape Gold we are also going to give you some great tips on how to defeat those pesky Grotesque Guardians that have taken over the top of the Slayer Tower!

Tips For Defeating The Grotesque Guardians In OSRS

Use Ranged Attacks

When Dusk and Dawn first start to attack, keep your distance and use ranged attacks as Dawn is flying and Dusk is shielding ranged attacks, we would suggest taking down Dawn first. Once they are down to half health they will go to the middle of the room.

Watch For The Purple And Orange

This is a special attack and purple and orange spots will start to cover the ground. It is important that you do not just avoid the actual spots, but the areas next to them as well as you can still be damaged.

Watch Dusk's Orange Wing Attack

Dawn will take to the sky again and Dusk will try and attack you with a powerful attack. He has a tell though when you see his wing turn orange, click off and run away and you will avoid damage.

Dawn Will Throw Energy Spheres

This here is very annoying. Dawn will throw down three Energy Spheres no matter what you are doing with Dusk, stop it and pick them up or else she will heal a ton of her health, making the battle last even longer.

Avoid Dusks Final Attack

Once you stop Dawn from using the Energy Spheres and hopefully kill her it is just you and Dusk. Once Dawn is dead he will do this large area attack. It is a blue square on the ground, but there will be an open area for you to click, click it and you will get out of the damage area, if he hits you, you take major damage. Avoid his attack and then finish him off.

The Grotesque Guardians are not too hard to defeat once you get their patterns down. Let us know how you get on and be sure to check out our sale where you can buy osrs gold for cheap.

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