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Tips For Defeating Araxxor In Runescape

While you may think just throwing a ton of rs gold at Araxxor is the way to defeat him. This is not actually the case. As one of the hardest and creepiest bosses in Runescape, Araxxor is someone who many of us have had a hard time with. Well, today we have a few tips to help you put this overgrown spider in his place.

Tips For Defeating Araxxor In Runescape

Melee, Magic Or Ranged?

There are three ways to take Araxxor on and we cannot tell you what one is best. If you have been playing Runescape as more of a ranged attacker, go for ranged attacks if melee is more your style go for that. Go with what you know, trying to be fancy is just going to get you killed a whole lot quicker! Ranged is said to be the quickest and safest way to defeat him, but it also takes the most amount of time.

Watch For His Special Attacks

Nothing can deplete your health like one of his special attacks. The key is to know when they are coming. They happen every five attacks. Path 1 will see him use cocoon which is super annoying, just spam the mouse to get free, healing web or cleave. Egg drops and spawning of minions happens on path 2. During path 1 and 2, Araxxor does not use the same special attack twice, so use this knowledge to your advantage to try and take an educated guess at what he might do next. Path 3 and 4 though, he kicks things up a notch as the special attacks are completely random!

If You Are Using Ranged Attacks Keep Your Stats Up!

Ranged attacks are the easiest way to defeat him, but Araxxor has a mage phase and this actually drains your stats. You can combat this by having overloads and also if you make use of God Banners Combat Boost.

Avoid Acid In Path 4

One of the most annoying parts of this battle is path 4 when he starts using acid. In path 3 just before he is about to be defeated he will suck in any of the little acid spiders that are around. If you can get them to come to the small cliff area between path 3 and 4, he cannot do this and it saves you dealing with the acid during path 4. 

We hate to be the ones to tell you this, but there really is no easy way to defeat Araxxor. A lot of it is trial and error and sometimes it is just getting lucky with the special attacks that he uses. There are some videos online of people making short work of him in just a few minutes, but it can take hours and hours of practice to get this good at defeating Araxxor!

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