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Three Best Pet Options For First Time Pet Hunters In OSRS

If you have read some of our past blog posts, you will know that we love the Old School Runescape pets. They are so much fun to have, but for a new player, knowing what ones are realistically attainable can be tough. That is why today as well as letting you know about our very cheap OSRS Gold, we want to let you know what pets we feel new players should go for. By the way, we do not mean brand new players to the game, but players who have reached a bit of a mid to high level and are looking for that extra challenge.

Three Best Pet Options For First Time Pet Hunters In OSRS

Giant Mole Pet

You can make a lot of money getting this guy and some nice loot as well. Plus he is a very easy boss so you will not have too much trouble getting him. Mole digging can be annoying, but it is worth doing to get him.

Venenatis Pet

Ok so he is kind of creepy looking, but this is one that is a lot of fun to go for it is a PvP area so watch for that, but in general, the requirements are quite low for him, just make sure you want out for other players.

Zulrah Pet

If you are a lower level player, you want to go for this guy. This is one of the easiest bosses and as low as level 70 – 75 will be able to do this. You get a nice amount of loot, so you can make a nice amount of money. The only problem is, it is so easy that it is a little boring.

So if you are new to the world of OSRS pets, these three would be a good place to start. Let us know what OSRS pets you have and if you want to buy Old School Runescape Gold check out our special offers so you can save some money.

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