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Thoughts On The Runescape King Of Skill Event

We recently talked about how we were looking forward to the Runescape King Of Skill event and we have noticed a lot of you coming here to buy Old School Runescape Gold which may help you out. But as the event is now live, we wanted to give our impressions on it.

Thoughts On The Runescape King Of Skill Event

To start with there seems to be a bit of a split on the OSRS forums where some players are saying they are not interested or this is just a quick event from Jagex to distract us! But we would have to disagree as we feel that the King Of Skill is actually one of the fairest events that we have seen in Runescape in quite some time.

The reason we feel this way is all about time. Usually, the player who does best in an OSRS event is the one who has the money to buy Runescape 07 Gold at a higher rate or who has a ton of time that they can put into the game, leaving players who have jobs and other responsibilities not as much time to compete.

However, as the King Of Skill has a timer and each player has their own timer that they are competing against. It does not matter if one day you have an hour to play or if you have five hours to play. As long as you use all your time before the event is up, you stand a chance of winning.

We think this is really cool and feel it does make the event fairer as perhaps even more so than money, time is what makes competing in OSRS events so hard for some people. We would love to hear your thoughts on the Old School Runescape King Of Skill event in the comments below.

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