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Thoughts On The Giant Oyster In Runescape

We know that you like to buy Runescape Gold from us to do all kinds of cool stuff with it. But there is also plenty of ways you can come across some pretty interesting items in the game. One of the ways that is a lot of fun, kind of weird, but it is still a lot of fun is the Giant Oyster!

Thoughts On The Giant Oyster In Runescape

The Giant Oyster is available to players who have completed the Beneath Cursed Tides Quest. It is not that hard to do and it is only available to members only. The interesting part of the Giant Oyster is that you can feed him (or her) the things that you catch and find. When you do this you will be rewarded with fishing and farming experience. Once you have fully fed the Giant Oyster, you can go on your merry way and then a month later, the Giant Oyster will open up and give you something.

Now what this is, seems to be totally random, but many people report getting adamant stuff so it is well worth going back to the Giant Oyster to see if you are going to score anything that is worth your time.

We love things like this in Runescape and think it is the kind of thing that adds a lot of charm to the game. We would love to hear you guys thoughts on The Giant Oyster and what kinds of cool items you have been rewarded with. We have actually heard that not many people even knew the Giant Oyster gave out rewards!

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