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Thoughts On The Dagon'Hai Robes Set In Runescape

Instead of talking to you about our cheap Runescape Gold. Today we want to talk about something that is on our mind lately and that is the awesome Dragon'Hai Robes set.

Thoughts On The Dagon'Hai Robes Set In Runescape

Now in case, you did not know there was an exploit in the game a few years ago that would allow players to just keep on getting all they need to make a ton of Dragon'Hai Robes. It was actually one of the more famous exploits as it took Jagex a few years to patch it and as far as we know there were not many penalties for those who used it.

But we recently saw a question on the Runescape Reddit where a player asked how many Dragon'Hai Robes are in Runescape and it got us to thinking that it could be 1000 or it could be ten times this amount! We honestly could not put an exact number on it as there were so many people using this exploit that there could be a ton just locked and rotting away!

You can get a set from the While Guthix Sleeps quest which is how most people will come across them. But they can also be obtained as a very rare drop from Dragon'Hai Monks. We think they are some of the coolest looking robes in the game and that the 407 defense and 35 magic they give you is very nice.

We would love to know how many sets you have and if you find Dragon'Hai Robes to be one of the more rare sets that you come across in Runescape. Also, did any of you make use of that famous exploit a few years ago?

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