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This is my absolute favorite RuneScape video ever made

The entire video is entertaining, giving me the chills at particular times, such as 0:55, due to the RuneScape tune playing in the background. I remember it clear as day, rushing home after my friends told me about this mysterious online game called "RuneScape." I went to the webpage, made an account and logged into the game, finding myself in a place called Tutorial Island. It didn't take much time until I found myself in Lumbridge and had a whole new world to explore.

From that day forward, my addiction to play RuneScape grew an unstoppable rate, taking my friends by surprise as I passed them in levels and knowledge about the game. God damn, Elementary School was lit back in the day. I continued to play through Middle and High School, becoming a part of who I am. When life wasn't look good at times, I always relied on RuneScape to take me to a place where real life/world problems wasn't an issue.

Before I knew it, I was watching RuneScape videos on how to complete quests and skill guides. One day, I stumbled across this channel and god damn, I'm glad I did. Mote, believe it or not, you're a true inspiration to me. You've been through thick and thin but you're absolutely killing it right now. RuneScape will forever be part of who you are and I'll always look forward to new RuneScape content from you. 

No matter what you decide to do, I'll be there for you. The content on your other channel, The Top 10's, is incredible and the future is already bright for you. Just keep in mind, making RuneScape videos for old times sakes will always please your true, og fans.

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