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The world 2016 Top 5 Runescape gold stores

A survey from Google adwords center shows the top 5 runescape gold sale sites in the past months, and 2007runescapegold is the top 1 sale site. it created 3600 copy sales at average months. in past june to Aug, 2016. over 28800 orders completed on 2007 runescape gold golden site.

Most buyers from twitter and instagram user, they got refered by friends in real life and game play. But what is the difference between and other rs 07 gold sale store?

1, Professional & Fast customer services:
Perhaps there are some old rs players since 2004 remember old site brogame, milsale, and this site was one of the earliest runescape gold sale store like those old sites, with over 10 years sales, it became a very professional rs 07 gold sale store, the live customer answers your questions related to runescape very well and fast. But most new osrs 07 gold store hardly understand customers when they got asked questions related to game.

2, Fast in game trade:
There are mainly 3 trade spots here, Lumbridge bank, Varrock bank, Duel arena bank. Most rs 07 gold orders could be traded within 10 minutes. this is outstanding to most buyers, as no one want to wait hours to get rs 07 gold.

3, Security and anti-scam:
Before lots of buyers choose us to buy rs 07 gold, they said they got scammed by other sites after gold traded, because they got whispered in game and asked to return gold for bonus. So, before we trade the rs 07 gold, we do warn to every customer be aware of scammer like this. and no one get scammed in game after they read our warning.

The future is still long, and we will keep offer best service to all users.

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