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The upcoming runescape skill would be called Invention

On Saturday the 2nd of November 2013 at RuneFest 3, Mod Mark announced the name of the 27th runescape skill. The upcoming skill would be called Invention. From what we learned of the skill, it'll involves exploring new uses for divine energy, and will allow us to create new weapons and armour like never seen before. Invention appeared to be truly unique compared to the other skills, which definitely made players interested of it.

However, since its announcement, things have gone south for those who anticipated the new skill to be out ASAP. Invention's release priority was the subject of the first Dragonstone-tier poll in 2014, and Invention lost the poll against Prifddinas, the Elven City. This meant that the skill was postponed to ''Late 2014'' but from the looks of it, Invention will more likely be released in 2015, since the skills development hasn't even started yet, and it seems there has been done nothing past concept stage.

However, its still unknown to most people what we can actually do with Invention. What does exactly Invention consists of? In this thread, I am going into detail on everything we know of Invention, based on information J-Mods have given to us.

1) Basic Facts
2) How it will be trained?
3) Invention Lore
4) What exactly can I do with Invention?
5) Confirmed content that will be released with Invention
6) Minor perks mentioned to possibly be part of Invention
7) Content that I expect to be included with Invention
8) Other cool stuff that could be added with Invention
9) Final Notes

1) Basic Facts

Invention, originally called Inventor, will be the 27th skill of Runescape. Like all skills apart from Dungeoneering, its maximum level will be 99. Invention is the partner skill of Divination, which means that Divination, and divine energy in particular, will be relevant to Invention. From what I have gathered, Invention uses the divine energy of Guthix obtained through Divination to combine them with existing technologies already seen in the game, such as the machines of the Elemental Workshop, the Dorgeshuun electricity, Player-owned House clockworks or Dwarven steam and combustion technology. Invention will allow us to upgrade, modify and enchant weapons and skilling tools to our liking, and create new weapons, items and devices for us to utilize in multiple skills. One of the most important aspects of Invention is the possibility of experimentation and creating unique equipment that changes dependent on the way we make and use it.

Just like Divination is a support skill of the gathering skills, Invention can be considered as a support skill of the production skills (Smithing, Fletching, Crafting, Runecrafting, Cooking, Firemaking and Herblore). As said by the J-Mods, ''it can smith, it can construct, it can cook, it can craft.''

Invention and Divination are ''designed to suit the old-school, yet complement the entire game'' since they are modeled ''on some of our oldest and dearest content.'' Whether this means Invention will be a grindfest or it suits the tastes of the veteran players is unknown. However, design-wise Invention is intended to be a very experimental skill, and is definitely a change from what the current skills offer. Mod Moltare hopes that Invention will ''offer a skill whose training methods are entertaining, whose rewards are useful and whose basis is in the world of Runescape advances the story of both the setting and of the factions who use it.''

2) How it will be trained?

It seems no-one knows for sure how we will be able to train Invention properly. Whether we enchant weapons, tinker with clockwork and explosives or study the existing technology is unknown. However, I'd assume Invention training will consume a lot of divine energy and other items, essentially making it an item sink. We do know for sure that Invention will be trained in workshops. These large workshops will be placed around the game and will include a social element to them where everyone will be experimenting with the endless possibilities of the Divine energy at the same time.

Occasionally, when playing around and experimenting with the content in front of you, odd things can happen and strange new creations can be formed. Some of the things you can do when experimenting with Invention include the use of pyrotechnics, lightning conductors and explosives. We'll be able to sometimes find new rare plans (blueprints?) and earn inspiration, an untradeable resource or a type of currency used to build untradeable new items. Since Invention will also be linked to the existing NPC technologies, we will be able to utilize the existing technologies NPCs are already using to create new equipment and items no-one else thought of making before. It was mentioned that we can fuse dwarven contraptions with Divine energy to create new items, so there might be more to it.

Invention is intended to be a relatively slow skill to train. There will be an option to speed it up to a certain extent with your own wealth, but since it is not intended to be a buyable skill, speeding it up with money will only increase xp by a small percentage of the overall experience, and even that boost will likely be extremely expensive. Some of the J-Mods would like to have a low-impact, afk-able method of training as well as a more attention-requiring method to train the skill. Obviously, more attention-requiring methods would give greater rewards and better xp/hour.

3) Invention Lore

While not much information has been released about this subject, and for a good reason (hype for new content tends to boil down once someone at Jagex spills the beans), there are a few things to talk about this aspect of the skill. Invention can be considered as a technological revolution in RuneScape, and similar to Divination, players are going to be the center of leading the charge into this new technical age, which will be about self-advancement and self-sufficiency. Invention will also be man's new defense against the gods. It will allow players to stand up against the threat of the gods, and perhaps give them the opportunity to take the Runescape Gods out themselves. This skill would also have effects on not only NPCs, but in future quests and The Godless.

Because we are dealing with the raw energies that Guthix left behind, many people are going to be upset about the sacrilege of Invention. For example, seeing that the Fremennik people are already mad at the Lunar Clan and Wizards in general for making and using runes, think what will happen when we begin to twist the remnants of their god into a weapon. As another example, Icthlarin will be upset for us swallowing souls to upgrade their weapons.

Invention itself ties heavily around the story of the Godless. They are generally keen to discover any new way of gaining personal power, since they are weak at the moment, and with Invention we will be able to equip them eventually. We'll be able to arm and equip them, and in the future they'll be able to defend themselves or potentially help with taking out the Gods. However, it is not the plan to force us to ally with the Godless any more than with any other faction, which means if we choose to in the future content, we can backstab them and use our knowledge we acquired from them to help the gods they are fighting against.

4) What exactly can I do with Invention?

Leveling up and improving your gear with Divine energy is looking to be a central part of Invention. It also seems to be at least a part of the Level up my 'X' system Mod Mark has mentioned earlier in 2012 RuneFest. The ability to level up your existing equipment has been discussed for a long time and with Invention, Jagex wants to to test this kind of system by allowing the adding of enchantments and traits to various items, because it has a lot of potential to freshen up old gear, open up new avenues for us to pursue design-wise and give real prestige to dedicated players. Jagex plans to focus on the core of getting level-up-able gear first, and then plans to seek player input on what sort of criteria levelling them up should include.

It seems that this kind of system will start off with weapons, but as time goes on, this system will most likely be applied so that we'll be able to enchant tools used while skilling and level up our summoning familiars. It is also likely that items you level up and customize will become untradeable. The maximum item tier is yet to be determined, but it was mentioned that the cap might be around tier 85 and Ports armour.

Invention won't be all about enchanting and Level Up My 'X' system, though. There will be other perks to the skill as well. We'll be able to make new pocket slot items and combat enhancements. We can also customize the equipment we create to great extents, allowing us to make weapons and armour sets that are truly unique. The current plan for Invention is that it'll cover weapons, pocket slot items and some core armor pieces and tools. Invention is also planned to have a mix of untradeable and tradeable products, which means that Invention can be likely used to gain profit. Part of the intention of Invention is to make various currently unwanted items more appealing and in-demand.

5) Confirmed content that will be released with Invention

Weapon modifying and personal equipment
• Looks a lot like enchantment systems most other games feature. We can level up items, giving them traits and enhancements. The modified equipment might be untradeable.
• We might be able to combine weapons we already own to transfer useful traits from one weapon to the other.
• The equipment made through Invention changes based on how we use it as well as based on how we made it.
• Players will be able to customize their new gear visually and make it unique for them and their playstyle. We will have the ability to make anything look however we want it to look like.
• It has been mentioned that each piece of equipment that we can create will have our name on it, and that the first person who discovers a new weapon will have their name in its examine text. Essentially, it allows players to sell autographed weapons, and the discoverer of a specific weapon to have their own personal stamp on the game.
• It allows us to individually create and trade a lot of unique items and weapons which will have our own personal touch/player stamp on them.
• Jagex also wants to introduce items that develop relationships with other items (for example a sword and a shield that work well together), items that get better because we use them in specific ways, and items that get better at fighting certain monsters (a bit like Bane ammo, Keris, Silverlight and Balmung).

Contraptions and Widgets
• Contraptions will be the Invention's equivalent to divine locations of Divination. Similar to divine locations, players will be able to place contraptions down in areas around RuneScape. Raw materials can then be placed into the contraptions, which will over time consume these resources and turn them into other products to be used by the skill the contraption is aligned with.
• Contraptions and widgets work as a way to support other production skills. We will be able to sit in the bank and train other skills whilst the contraption does it's thing, producing materials and other products for you in the background as we are doing something else. Examples of what it can do include Smithing, Constructing, and Crafting, but it will likely cover the other production skills as well.
• Contraptions and widgets can be used to produce new items, such as Explosives and other utilities.
• Its possible that contraptions might have the same limitations as with divine locations, meaning that only one could be created per day, players may only process a certain number of resources through contraptions per day and they will only work for a fairly short period of time.
• Contraptions were mentioned to be 'dwarven', so they might have a steampunk/clockwork feeling in them.

* Explosives are mentioned as one of the things that can be created via contraptions. This implies that explosives either can only be created via contraptions, or that contraptions will be an alternative way to make them.
• Explosives will likely act like craftable chinchompas, making them one-handed weapons that have an area damage effect, hitting all enemies in a 3x3 area centered on the enemy being targeted.
• Explosives might utilize unique resources released alongside Invention: say, we could obtain a rare ore while mining and turn it into a bomb. Alternatively, we might find a rare herb seed, farm it and use it to create an explosive chemical mix.

Soul weapons
• Soul weapons appear to be one of the things you can create by modifying Divine energy.
• Soul weapons increase your personal weapon's stats by using it in combat. Every monster killed increases the stats of the weapon by a bit.
• Soul weapons are fueled entirely by eating souls, and as you train them, they start to gain a mind and a personality of their own. The weapons could even be voiced and start talking to the player after they have been trained enough. The weapons apparently have a dark and mysterious personality.
• The concept art of a Soul weapon was shown during 2013 RuneFest. It looks like a normal sword with a fleshy growth around its blade and hilt, with eyes and what appears to be a mouth.

Lightning weapons
• Lightning weapons were mentioned as one of the things mentioned to be part of Level Up My 'X' system, but isn't elaborated on any further than that, other than they will be part pf the items that ''can gain levels and be better at fighting better monsters''. This implies not much thought has been given to them.
• Lightning weapons might wind up becoming an enchantment for current weapons instead of becoming a separate weapon branch of their own.
• Lightning weapons will probably have a passive effect that will stun the opponent for a few seconds, seeing that it is common pattern is that Lightning spells/enchantments cause the paralysis status effect.

6) Minor perks mentioned to possibly be part of Invention

Clockwork shields
Clockwork shields were mentioned to be part of Level Up My 'X' system. Clockwork shields will apparently gain levels and be better at defending against attacks as it's trained. Seeing that this hasn't been elaborated further, it might have been just a fancy idea and might not be implemented, although I do expect that other clockwork items and equipment will be implemented to the skill.

Lightning conductors
Lightning conductors were mentioned as one of the things that can be created via Invention. Currently there's so little information about them that I can't draw any solid conclusion what use they might have. They might be a magic version of Lightning weapons, or a completely unique weapon.

Some of the things that were mentioned to be explored with Invention were pyrotechnics, lighting conductors, and explosives. While I have already covered lightning and explosives, pyrotechnics puzzle me. What use could they have? Perhaps it will be a tie-up with Firemaking, allowing us to make equipment that can set monsters on fire?

More pocket slot items
It has been mentioned multiple times that Invention will introduce various new pocket slot items to the game. I'd expect these new pocket slot items to provide more directly combat-related perks, in a similar fashion to some auras and scrimshaws. Some of the new pocket slot items might also provide benefits for other skills as well.

Sulphur was mentioned to be one of the things the Contraptions might be powered by, asides the Divine energy. Given that Sulphur already exists in the game, Invention would give it a new use.

Dungeoneering-specific content
There'll most likely be rewards specific to Invention within Daemonheim, and there is a small chance at new things to buy with tokens, but it will not be the focus.

7) Content that I expect to be included with Invention

• Special attacks for any weapon: You could infuse existing weapons with the combat abilities you have learned, so that they can use a copied ability as their special attack. For example, you could infuse a bronze dagger with Slice, and the bronze dagger would have a copy of Slice as its special attack.
I would also expect to see the ability to transport unique special attacks like those of dragon weapons to other weapons by destroying the weapon in question. For example, you could move the special attack of dragon dagger to a bronze dagger, but it would destroy your dragon dagger in the process. This would serve as an itemsink for special attack weapons, as people would destroy their special attack weapons to transport the special attacks to other weapons, and would allow different and interesting gameplay methods.

• Passive effects for equipment: As mentioned before, this aspect of the skill could be very interesting. For example, we could add a healing passive effect to rune longsword, allowing us to regenerate our life points as we deal damage. Another example is that we could infuse a full set of Virtus armour to give it a passive effect that only activates when wearing the whole set, similar to Barrows armour. This system could contain practically all sorts of buffs: Bleeds, stuns, binds, damage-over-time, poison, prayer/health/summoning/stat restore, stat drains, damage absorption, prayer/health/summoning/stat restore, set effects, you name it: whatever passive effect you prefer to have, you can take.

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