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The top money making method "royal dragon hide"

They don't work, Go to the ge buy virtually any dragonhide and the matching dragon leather and try to re sell them both, The d hide will sell but the leather will not, In fact the only way you could sell the leather is if you came up at a net loss, Tanning to lose money is no bueno.

Bahahaha just did the math as well for the top money making method "royal dragon hide" and saw that royal leather is selling for 322 gp less the hide itself, So in total for all your hard work per hour you will lose 9,561,600 gp per hour, You can assume all hides are the same If not test it in the ge and post back, But i'm 99.9% sure they will all cause you to lose money per hour. Its like buying 28k hides taking 1.7k of them into the wild with no gear and yelling "SOMEONE ATTACK ME" - Priceless

royal dragonhide

Most things require a high skill level, Google "money making methods" and look at various price ranges that might interest you and then buy the product you would be selling and try to re sell it, If it insta sells then you might be on to something, I would also recommend looking up the ge prices for said item for the past year. Always do research before trying to follow any method, Especially ones that involve skills, You don't want to train a skill to 99 to only find out that the price of the product you were making greatly decreased.

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