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The problem with RS3 in terms of pvp is the combat is more about armor tiers

If you are only using t70 gear, then you are going to lose to somebody in t90, unless they don't know what they are doing or aren't responding. Even if defenders do what you suggest, it still comes down to what tier your gear is. I am also assuming most osrs players are unaware that Runescape3 has additional defenders for level 70, 80 and 90 tiers. So a mid-level defender like the classic Dragon Defender or even the upgrade to the new Barrows Defender wont stand a chance against a new lvl 90 Kalphite Defender.

runescape bounty hunter

This is why Jagex is trying to make the bounty hunter targets similar to your combat gear and level (atleast that is/was their intention and I haven't played bounty hunter so I Don't Know if this was achieved or not).

Defenders already give a comparable Strength, Accuracy, and Defense bonus when equipped. Not as good as a straight up shield or dual wielding/2h, but it works as a hybrid. The main advantage is its potential in EOC with both being able to use both dual wield abilities and shield abilities which saves the need of shield switching, or giving you a shield switch that won't compromise your dps.

With pvp, all you gotta do is sit back and try to survive - except you can't with the current hits."

I would suggest you learn how to shield switch in EOC. It has a similar effect to pray flicking in OSRS and is just as essential in a competitive high risk event such as pvp. That one mechanic will probably help you last a million times longer in the majority of your fights and it might make you enjoy the game a little bit more.

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