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The largest Runescape gold order placed in 2015

One of the old runescape players sold 14 Billion Runescape gold sell in 2015, May to site, and he get paid of $2900 USD.

Due to quite unstable runescape server and high ban rate made by Jagex, lots of old players choose quit this game, and they all decide to sell the runescape gold that they gathered in past years. "At least, sell runescape gold could make you some real cash, I 've spent years on this game, now i m reaching full level, and i don't get fun of it, so i decide to quit the game, and I want to exchange runescape gold to some real cash. When i back to see the old times, i really think it is stupid to spent such years on a game, it's really no life, LOL!" said by one of the old runescape players who is friend of zezima in real life ( zezima is the most famous player in runescape who is the first player that collect the full skill capes)
Why lots of valued players say it's time to quit this game?

We talked with some ancient players who had huge experience on this game, they all said, runescape takes up most of your time to train skills, and quests, the whole system works like a chain, you have to finish each task for go into next. For example, when you need to completed a quest, it requires you must have a certain level of the skill - 80 Cooking, but cooking is linked with fish, without fish, you can not cook, so you need to level up fish, each skill top level is 99 which contains 13,034,431 XP in total, if you spent 3 hours a day to play this game. and 50k xp per hour. you may take 2 to 3 month to make a certain skill to level 99, and runescape has 27 skill in oldschool Runescape gold. As you can see, waste time is the main problem that force players lose interest to this game.
High ban rate blow away players is the main reason as well.

"Without bot, it's f**king hard to train, and boring, I play the game for fun, I m not doing boring thing" One of the players said this, and jagex banned over 5000 Accounts at every week, and they would not refund your money spent for buying member. so that you have to pay for another memebr if you still want to create a new account.
Jagex claimed they got over 200Million registered users by now. but however, the average online players only around 30k to 70k nowdays. they lost 80% players, this is really bad news.

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