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The experience of an old Runescape Player

A few nights ago i found an old camcorder i got for Christmas about 10 years ago. I popped on one of those old cd-roms that take forever to load on camcorders and all of them had disk errors. I was gonna just go to bed, but i found 1 that actually loaded. And the videos on there consisted on me and my 7 year old friend stacking book for the camcorder to sit on while we played runescape.

adamant legs

We had godsmack playing in the background off an old youtube tab to add to the cringe. I didnt stop smiling though throughout the whole video. I could even see in the reflection of the Old fat ass moniters i had for my crappy computer that tony hawk's underground was oncthe ps2 paused haha. And in the video, my 7 year old self along woth a friend i havent seen or heard from in 6 years were just screwing around on runescape and exploring.

We went to varrock and edgeville. There i caught a glimpse of the Wilderness which was a big thing back then. We eventually when to the dual arena and staked random eachother to see who would win. I had a full set of adamant and 30k cash so i was a baller, and my friend had what looked like a mithril with adamant legs. We were both around level 40. We talked to some players who seemed so mich nicer and not in the state of grinding nonstop. People just seemed friendlier back then, probly because they were 7 to 10 year old kids aswell. Anyway though seejng that super old windows xp browser and the late 2006 early 2007 version of the game put a giant wave of nastolgia over me. Now whenever i play Old School Runescape i think of that and laugh at how bad i was at the game. And sorry english isnt my first language.

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