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The best price for you - Happy Lunar New Year of 2017!

Spring Festival is the literal name of Chinese Lunar New Year, which is the most significant festival for some Asian countries such as China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia and Philippines. In China, Spring Festival is the longest public holiday which lasts for 7 days. 2007RunescapeGold Internet Game hold a Site-wide Sales Promotion Event to celebrate the festival during January 27, 2017 – February 2, Pacific Standard Time, offering 2% OFF coupons which you can get from.

The best price for you - Happy Lunar New Year of 2017!

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When is Spring Festival and how long will it last?

2017 Spring Festival falls on January 27. The Spring Festival Public Holiday is from January 27 to February 2, which lasts for 7 days. Family members reunion to celebrate the festive holiday. Chinese Lunar New Year always lasts to the Lantern Festival.

I love China, and also love the America. We welcome you to stay in our country and introduce our culture to the people who not familiar with our country, I think western media and even Chinese media have pessimistic views towards China today, there are lots of negative news everyday reported by different media all around the world about China, but there are indeed massive positive news and beautiful scenes have not yet discovered by western people, we hope and welcome more foreigners to pay a visit to mainland China and spread Chinese culture to your western friends. Good job!

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