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The Top 3 Nostalgic Places In RuneScape

We have loved so many of you guys getting in touch with us to buy OSRS 2007 Gold as we have had it priced so low lately. But with Old School Runescape Mobile, we have been chatting a lot about how we got started playing Runescape and it got us thinking of some of the more memorable places in the game that make you smile when you think about them. Here are the crews most nostalgic places in Runescape!

The Top 3 Nostalgic Places In RuneScape

3. Draynor Village

This one is very memorable as it is one of the creepiest areas in the game and as it is available to free to play players. It is an area in the game that most players will have experienced. Getting attacked by wizards, looking for the blue party hat and more make this a place we all have memories of.

2. The Wizards Tower

The reason the Wizards Tower has made our list is mainly for the Rune Mysteries Quest. It is a real favorite for many new players and then dealing with the demon that is upstairs and watching other players try to defeat him was always fun.

1. Barbarian Village

The Barbarian Village is just really cool and if you ask us, in the history of Runescape. The Barbarian Village has one of the most memorable music tracks in the whole game. Of course, there is the whole trying to defeat Gunthor The Brave as well which for a new player was quite tricky and required you to get your skills up to a halfway decent level. Just the whole vibe of this area is really cool and fun.

What are some areas in Runescape that are imprinted in your mind? Let us know in the comments below and shoot us a message if you want to be hooked up with cheap Runescape 3 Gold!

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