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The Strongest Monsters In Runescape!

While we love how you guys come to to get the best deals on Runescape Gold. We also love writing these fun blogs which can help you waste a little time and also have a little fun as well. Today we are talking about one of the coolest things about Runescape and that is the monsters. We are looking at who are the strongest monsters, we will just be taking them as they are and not including any additional enrage levels or anything like that. These monsters are strong enough as they are, without adding enrage to the mix!

The Strongest Monsters In Runescape


While Vorago needs no introduction, for years now this big rocky SOB has been the strongest of all the monsters in Runescape (well technically he is level with another, but Vorago got here first) He has a really cool and imposing look and at level 10,000 this is a fellow who can mess you up real bad if you walk into the wrong part of his neighborhood. You really have to work with people as a team if you want to take down Vorago.


Like Vorago, Yakamura is level 10,000. Yakamura has a really cool design and we think that his backstory or a being who was once a protector of the people of Mazcab, before falling victim to the Airut Shaman is one of the more underrated back stories in the Runescape lore. We always have that little bit of hope that there will be some kind of redemption for Yakamura, but we must admit that hope is not all that strong. There is also The Image Of Yakamura which you have to worry about. During the battle, he splits into four images of himself, each one just as powerful!

So take a break from looking at our epic deals on Runescape Gold and let us know what strong Runescape monsters keep you up at night!

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