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The Philosophy Of Balancing Legacy And Eoc In Runescape

Many mods have stated that Legacy is intended to be competitive with Full Manual mode in damage output.

The philosophy of balancing Legacy and EoC to have similar performance (with Legacy often pulling ahead currently) is a flawed philosophy. Full manual, and even revolution, takes much more effort (and thinking) than Legacy (which requires a single click per monster, activating special abilities periodically, and eating at the most). The combat mode that takes effort should not be tied to or surpassed by the combat mode that takes minimal effort.

Currently, players that are experienced with EoC, adrenaline stall, time/rotate abilities for maximum DPS, and use EoC to the fullest gain a minimal margin over the Legacy user that simply clicks once and enjoys the show. This is not acceptable. Players should have the choice to choose the combat system they like most, but players should also be rewarded for bothering to learn the more complex system and for putting in the effort to use it rather than point and click.

This current system is self destructive and will simply result in the majority of the player base polarizing towards the stronger and vastly easier option, whether they truly prefer it or not, because that is human nature. We will take the path of least resistance. When you make the path of least resistance just as good, if not better, than the alternative it becomes obvious which will be favored.

Tone Legacy down to a degree, even if only to the level of output that an average Revolution user would produce. Revolution is similar to Legacy in that it is partially automated, so such a comparison would be understandable. Legacy would be competitive to Revolution in output with less effort involved, but at the cost of utility through abilities. This way, full manual is not made entirely obsolete.

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