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The Old School Runescape Inferno Offers PvM Action!

We love how much new content is being added to OSRS and judging by the amount of you guys asking us about our deals on Old School RS Gold, many of you guys are looking to do some serious damage to this new event, mode, spectacular or whatever you want to call it!

The Inferno sounds like it is going to be just so much fun. The story of The Inferno is that Mor UI Rek, the TzHaar city that you have most probably been around the outside of is now opening its gates. Where you can prove that you are the ultimate warrior!

The OSRS Inferno Offers PvM Action

The idea of Inferno is that it is a PvM (player vs monster mode) where you will need to fight wave after wave of enemies before taking on the final wave and trying to take down the powerful, TzKal-Zuk.

We are big fans of wave based combat as it really does test your skills as a warrior, but also in the way that you manage your items and know when to use them as this more often than not is the key in how far you make it. If you complete all of the waves you get the very cool looking, Infernal Cape. Interestingly the very first player to earn this is going to get an extra special, never given before kind of reward which sounds very exciting.

In addition to the actual main Inferno mode, you can also freely walk around the city and talk to NPC's, do other stuff and find extra cool items.

In all The Inferno is something we have been looking forward to for quite some time and we are very interested to know what this special item the first winner is going to get!

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