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The Joy Of Old School Runescape Raid Drop Reaction Videos

Here are, we love to offer you guys the best deals and the safest place to buy Runescape 2007 Gold. But we also love to talk to you about some of the things about Runescape that we find cool, interesting or just downright funny. Today we are looking at something that is all three of those things and that is Runescape Drop Reactions.

OSRS Raid Drop Reaction Videos

Look we have all been there. You have been playing some Old School Runescape for a few hours and them BAM, something really, really awesome drops and you scream like a school girl at a Justin Bieber concert! But what if you were streaming while this happened? Then your awesome reaction is there for the world to see!

Teletubyking is not the most well known, Runescape YouTuber. But we found a fantastic video he has made. Here he looks at some of the best Raid Drop Reactions on YouTube and it is great. Just be warned there is some bad language and a lot of shouting, but it is still very amusing. It is great to see when someone is right on edge and then they get something really cool or even worse they get something that is pretty lame and they are not happy.

What we love about these kind of reaction videos is that it shows just how much of an emotional impact Old School Runescape can still have on people after all these years. Plus it makes you feel better about yourself when you are fist pumping and going wild when you get an awesome drop!

We would love to know what are some of the best Old School (or even modern) Runescape reaction videos you have seen? As always if you are in the market for some RS Gold 2007 let us know and we will help you out as best we can.

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