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The First Person To Conquer Inferno In OSRS!

We were super excited when Inferno dropped a short while ago. So excited that we made sure that we were offering Old School Runescape Gold at the lowest price we possibly could! We have had a lot of fun with Inferno and a couple of people in the office have gotten pretty far, but there had to be a first. A first person to beat the Inferno and become the first person to get The Infernal Cape.

Well, it has happened and actually, as of us writing this blog post, it happened just a few days ago. The person who managed to defeat the Inferno was Old School Runescape player, Wooox16 who actually was live on Twitch when this happened. You can go and see the whole stream on Twitch or if you just want to see him put the finishing touches on the final boss check out his YouTube channel right here.

We are beyond impressed and one of the most remarkable things about this is the way he appeared to be so calm and collected when he was taking on the final boss. We have had a lot of screaming in the 2007RunescapeGold office from people playing the Inferno and that is just a couple of waves in! So to see Wooox16 be so cool and keeping it all together was very impressive.

We would love to hear you guys thoughts and opinions on what Wooox16 did. Also, the fact that he was actually able to do it will hopefully put a stop to all these people who are complaining that Inferno is too hard and unfair!

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