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The Death Of Falador Park Market In Runescape

We recently watched a video about Falador Park which was once a very busy and active market in OSRS. It got us thinking about how much time we spent there and how many people came to us looking to buy Old School Runescape Gold so they could trade and work with people at Falador Market.

Falador Park was one of the bigger markets that have been in Old School Runescape. At its peak it was said that a few thousand people would be here at a time trading, buying and selling with other players. It was a very busy place and Falador Park really exploded and for many players, it was the only place people would bother to go when it came to making deals with other players.

It was the huge amount of space that Falador Park offered along with the fact it was right next to a bank. What is amazing is that this market pretty much took over the whole town. Things started off pretty good, but the scammers showed up and it really started to ruin it for everyone. Jagex added the Grand Exchange and this pretty much killed the need for everyone to have to meet up in the one place to trade.

These days, Falador Park is pretty much abandoned and to be honest what Jagex did with the game (The grand exchange) was much, better, but many of us older Runescape players do have a bit of a soft spot for seeing Falador Park super crowded.

We would love to hear your guys memories of Falador Park from when it was a bustling market place with players looking for trades and other players just looking to ruin it for everyone!

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