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The Awesomeness Of Fossil Island In OSRS

Today we want to talk to you about one of our favorite areas in Old School Runescape and that is Fossil Island! The folks at are huge Runescape fans and love to offer fellow fans a safe and cheap place to buy OSRS Gold.

Fossil Island requires you to have completed the Dig site Quest and have 100 kudos. If you have this you can talk to Haig Halen, the curator of the Varrock Museum and then you can go on a wild adventure.

The Awesomeness Of Fossil Island In OSRS

What is so cool about Fossil Island is that it really does feel like you have stumbled into some kind of lost world. There is a volcanic mine, and underwater area complete with mermaids and all kinds of creatures that were thought long gone! It is just such a cool place to spend a few hours and there is actually a lot to do here.

You can find fossils and have them on display at the museum which is pretty cool. There is actually a lot of uses for fossils on the island and going around and finding out what they are is a huge part of the fun.

No matter if you are spending time in the mines, under water or even tracking down that mystical creature through the Mushroom forest. You are always going to have a sense of wonder and a "what the heck am I going to come across next" kind of feeling.

Fossil Island is one of the better areas in Old School Runescape and it is well worth going and exploring. One bit of advice we would give you is to not go here with any plan. Go here like you are an explorer and just let whatever happens, happen! It makes looking around Fossil Island so much more fun.

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