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Thats one of the things i don't see in any of these rs guides

So i just did it after a couple of days of work. in the end i got just about every advantage i could. these are the items you need if you suck like me.

Dragon rider amulet (+10% DB ability damage) for dragon breathe ability, make sure to get minions in front of the fire breath. read what dragon breathe does so you understand, this is very important.

Full subjegation or better dps gear. void is just a little better dps but the armour is a 1/3 less than subjegation. if you're bad go for higher armour as healing distracts you.

noxious staff (+25% accuracy bonus over the chaotic staff)

Upgraded ferocious ring (+4% damage bonus)

Runic accuracy (+7% accuracy with magic, wouldn't bother going for the 10% one, too expensive)

Dark light, dont use holy water it's not anything special.

runescape Darklight

Ferocious ring upgrade = 4% damage boost.

Nihil = 5% damage boost.

Scrimshaw of elements = 6% boost to damage I believe, or something like that not sure tbh.

The most important abilities you should be using. dragon breath is number 1. get monsters in a row if possible and dragon breath them for multiple damage to multiple monsters. also on ice strykwerms spam dragon breath, they take 8k damage usually per hit.

No.2 chain. again try to get minions close together by 1 hitting monsters to get them to be aggressive towards you so they are in melee distance then chain the group.

No.3 sunshine. use sunshine on all tasks except for tormented demons and glacor minions (you should use sunshine on the glacor boss). why? because you can't take advantage of sunshine on these slayer monsters, well at least not well enough.

No.4 asphyxiate this ability deals a lot of damage and it usually hits every time for 10k damage over time. use this especially on the big monsters that have high hitpoints, like celestial dragon or glacor boss or the demon thingy. just don't waste it on a small minion as you cant use it effectively on them. 

Those are the key abilities you should be using as often as possible. and in the right situations whenever possible. I bound dragonbreath and chain together and sunshine and aspyxiate together as well. revolution filled in the gaps when i wasn't able to use those abilities.

Also it is worth noting that the best time to use an adrenaline flask is right after you use sunshine. since you will go from 0 adrenaline to 30 and youll be able to use asphyxiate while being under the sunshine allowing you to hit well in to the 15k's.

I suck at eoc since i don't use it. however I managed too do it in the end. the biggest thing i did on my final run was too group minions so i was multi hitting. thats one of the things i don't see in any of these guides unfortunately. but hey gl.

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