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Thank you Jagex for introducing a way to obtain membership in-game through gold

Thank you Jagex for introducing a way to obtain membership in-game through runescape gold. I currently am not working in real life.So I have to stretch every penny in my savings that I can. This means that I can not even afford the membership fee every month for RuneScape. I just got back to the game after a pretty long hiatus. After playing f2p for a while and checking out a lot of the new features such as EoC and BoL, I have to say that I love this game. However, I was a bit upset that I could not become a member so I stopped playing again for a bit. With Bonds implemented I was so happy. I could finally use the extra gold I had to become a member again. It's great. To anyone who says Bonds are ruining the game then I say you're ignorant. If Bonds aren't introduced then this game would probably not exist anymore. Then what?

You guys would probably complain saying it's Jagex's fault because you guys complain about everything. Like really. Jagex needs money because of falling membership sales. At the same time RWT is rampant and will NEVER stop. So introducing Bonds was the best thing Jagex could do. Like I said RWT will never stop. Gold farming will always exist. The best Jagex could do is to allow a way for players to obtain gold legally so players would have less incentive to risk buying gold on RWT websites. This hurts the gold farmers profits which is a great thing. In addition, Jagex can bring in extra revenue from the sales of bonds. Bonds also allow players like me who want membership but can not afford it to pay for it with ingame gold.

This means we can all enjoy p2p without necessarily having to have money in real life. Guys bonds aren't going anywhere. Stop complaining about. Cut Jagex some slack. It seems like most RSers complain about everything. Just stfu and enjoy the game. If you don't like an update then don't use it or find a different game to play. Simple as that.

What a fantastic story on how bonds have had a positive, worth while effect on your game play. Looking forward to seeing you in the members servers soon!
What a fantastic wall. Read enough to see that OP spends too much time on RS to get a job, and as a result has decided to subsidize the players that have too much IRL cash and make them wealthy in Runescape as well.

The rich get richer, the poor get poorer, both in new and exiciting ways - nice to see the update further dividing the community, and allowing real world wealth to directly impact game wealth, both positively and negatively.What the hell are you talking about? You're assuming so much out of nothing. I hate responding to a troll such as yourself but really. I spend too much time on RS to get a job? I play literally no more than 10 hours a week. I am out of work right now because of a disability I just obtained. Hopefully when I recover I will get back to work.

Regardless don't look at the negatives about Bonds. Sure some people who are wealthy can have the chance to buy extra gold; but it makes no difference because people who did want to do that would just go on RWT sites and do it there. Now those same people who did buy runescape 2007 gold can just do it legally. There's nothing wrong with that.

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