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Talking About Wilderness Wars And Username Changes In OSRS

We are taking a break from talking about our awesome deals on RS 07 Gold by talking about some interesting Old School Runescape news.

Talking About Wilderness Wars And Username Changes In OSRS

Username Changes

Jagex has said that they are going to make it so that the game can remember your username between sessions which is sure to come in handy for people who just use one account. Also, players can now hide their username which is good if a player is worried about security or someone eyeing up their Old School Runescape Gold!

Wilderness Wars

Wilderness Wars is an awesome and fun battle that sees five generals, Boaty, Knightenator, Mmorpg, Sick Nerd, and Torvesta who have been given 49 codes each to try and build an unstoppable army. There is a very respectable 15 grand prize money up for grabs with 5 of that going to the last general standing. The event starts on the 26th of August and it sounds like it is going to be a lot of fun to watch. Head over to the Official Wilderness Wars page to get all of the information about the event. We love it when Jagex do things like this and it proves why they are one of the best and most community developers out there!

As well as this, Jagex has also announced that there will be some minor changes added to the game which will help with performance, special attack tooltips being added and a few more things to make playing OSRS an, even more, fun experience.

Are any of you guys checking out Wilderness Wars? Let us know what you think of this event and be sure to look at our awesome deals on OSRS Gold.

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