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Support for runescape bonds

Hello fellow Runescapers,

Voicing my opinions regarding bonds. This is a bit late, however, I feel it is desperately needed to shed some light on the Runescape Bond dilemma.

Thread Intentions:

The intent of this thread is provide analysis on bonds, as well as cover criteria Jagex mods and other community informants may have been unable to address or adequately communicate.

Think of it as an in depth analysis of Jagex’s FAQ

The Lesser of Two Evils...
Over the past few weeks, bonds have greatly upset the Runescape community and I believe that this is largely do to an extreme misunderstanding of the content’s initial and long term purpose. There are two “evils” this thread addresses in regards to bonds. One of them, the update itself (as in evil according to the community) and the other being, the gold farming/illegal purchasing dilemma. I believe that Jagex realizes there’s no *one button” they can push to solve the gold farming dilemma and this is a step forward towards economic stability. Bonds are the lesser of two evils for the future of Runescape and before criticizing this thread, I would please ask that you read it in it’s entirety.

Why are bonds the lesser of two evils?
Bonds provide a remedy ( not total solution ) with an internet transaction approach to the issue. Why? Let’s analyze!

What gold farming does -
Inundates the Runescape Economy with gold to levels of unimaginable comparison. Not to mention this is done through a single and or multiple processes that break numerous Runescape legal terms and conditions. Additionally, Jagex never intended for there to be Trillions of free roam runescape gold circulating through the Runescape Economy and it is evident with this update. These companies advertise in-game, thus encouraging mass - rule breaking by not only themselves,but other players as well.

What bonds will hopefully accomplish -
Bonds provide a Money sink - Most players do not understand that for this effect to work, months and months of “cash sinking via this update” must occur for economic stability to gradually
return. As well as provide other noteworthy ( but more obvious ) benefits in further sections of this thread...

Now wait… I know what you are all thinking, How is Jagex Not selling gold by selling bonds?
Technically speaking they are not selling gold. Why? they are selling credit that can be used in several of which is to be traded to another player for an agreed upon value or for free.

But wait… How are they not selling gold if most of the players who purchase bonds sell them in the Grand Exchange/ other players and receive millions of gp almost instantaneously?
Technically speaking, they are selling membership credit/spins/rune coins/runefest tickets. Whether or not a player decides to sell the bond for gold, gift it for free to a friend, or spend it on membership credit/spins/rune coins/runefest tickets is completely up to the discretion of the player.

Why is this better for the community?
1. Membership can be obtained by people who could not afford it with “in real life” funds.

2. Membership can be offered to players in countries that can not purchase cards or have no other means of payment.

3A. The attempted money sink might benefit activities we enjoy such as increasing prices on resources we obtain through skilling, player killing and monster drops. This might make it easier to purchase bonds in game since players can make money faster than current rates.

3B. This also means many players could potentially get free membership, so long as bonds circulate through the game. As more players purchase bonds - just like any other resource - the more you introduce of something into the game and the more the demand decreases - the cheaper the item will be to purchase- this results in future prices for bonds being (hopefully) quite low.

4. Spins - Players can now purchase spins with in-game funds.

5. Runefest tickets Players can now buy runefest tickets for gold within the game, but could never afford with real life funds. This will hopefully provide for a much more diversified group of Runefest attendees!

6. Rune Coins - Players can now buy rune coins for items they want within the game, but could never afford with real life funds.

7. Lastly the circulation of bond money ( as stated by Jagex Mods ) is gathered from within the game and remains in the game, no new funds are spontaneously allocated to the seller of the bond.

How does this help the long term health of the game?
This aspect is where I have to agree with the community. I believe that the “gold tax” will not adequately sink the gold fast enough compared to the rate in which it is injected into the game. I honestly do not even believe the gold sink will come close to countering injection rates if the numbers Jagex presented to us are true. Temporarily I believe it will stall gold farming progressio. In the long run, I believe that too many bonds will be circulating through the game, and many players will already have recurring membership via bond or exterior payment, that the gold sink will decrease in effectiveness. Despite this, I still trust that Jagex has thought this through and will take into consideration additional methods to counter the gold injection dilemma.

Lastly - We have been begging for solutions as a community:
“Beggars Can’t Be Choosers…” I am sure many of you have heard of this saying before and it is certainly true with game content. We beg for updates and counter content to make this game interesting as well as prevent unfair advantages and foul play, so who are we to complain when they spend hours attempting a solution that does not quite meet our preferences? Think of the solution from their

Now you decide, is it more evil to support illegal companies trashing the integrity of this game, or our Moderators for attempting a solution to one of our, if not the, most important issue. We complain daily about buy runescape gold injections and do nothing about it, except post unnecessarily rude threads. Lets work together to help our community and provide constructive feedback rather than endless rants!

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