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Some ideas about how to fix the RuneScape Clans issues

Just some ideas I thought of, about how to fix the RuneScape Clan issues, and camping during the tournament is this:

- Disable in-game and PM chat.

- Give everyone's account a randomly generated name just for the final tournament.

- Every 3 minutes players get teleported to a random location in the game. Slowly the area in which the players get teleported becomes smaller and smaller.

-  Give temporary stat boosts for killing people. The stats shouldn't stack, or have at least have a reduced effect when stacking multiple kills.

- Reward the player with the most kills at the end of the tournament the prize money.

the RuneScape Clan

These suggestions aren't perfect fixes, but I think these suggestions keep things true to what Deadman Mode was meant to be. A free-for-all kill everyone, do anything to stay alive game mode.

A way Jagex could combat clans would be to have 1v1 fights. 2 players would be teleported to an instanced area and have to fight one on one. After you win the fight you fight a person who has already been in a fight ( To make it somewhat even supply wise) After about 500 people the last 2 players would fight one  on one with the supplies they had. 

Only one person can make it out alive in the 1v1s or both players die. So clans couldn't just not fight each other til there are no players left but them.

Clan man mode can stay but during the start of the battle everyone in the world is teleported to a random location. Banks can be used only be used once but if you killed someone it can be used 5 more times up to 5 kills. The random teleporting helps spread clans apart, some can be in Catherbary others in Zeah some in wilderness others in Ardougne only place where people shouldn't be teleported to is Isafdar the elves place. All doors besides city one and banks should be locked or blocked by city guards which cannot be passed.

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