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Some Of The Rarest Titles In Runescape!

Here at, we have people in the office who have been with Runescape since the beginning. They have seen some cool items come and go and now just for fun, we are looking at some of the rarest items that are in Runescape!

Some Of The Rarest Titles In Runescape

The Robotically Efficient

During GameBlast 2016 Jagex had a charity auction where players could bid on some cool items. One of which was a one of a kind custom title. The player who won spent over a thousand British pounds on this! This is cool in two ways. One the player has a one of a kind title and he helped out a good charity as well.

Questival King/Queen

In 2015 there was a best quester competition where the winner would be the person who earned the most quest points in 24 hours. The winner got the ultimate quester title and he is now known as the Questival King… the only person in the whole game who has this title We think this is cool as it is a title that he actually earned.

The Wikian Book

There are many hard workers who do a ton to make sure the Runescape Wiki is as up to date and useful as possible. Well, Jagex recognized this hard work and gave Gaz Lloyd the title of the Wikian. What is cool about this is that Gaz is able to give the title to other players.

Here, guys, we hope you enjoyed this and we want to thank YouTuber rswillmissit whose video gave us the idea for this blog post. Also if you are looking to buy Runescape Gold be sure to check out our low prices and special offers that we have running right now.

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