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Some Of The Harder Runescape Boss Pets To Get

One of the things that we love about Runescape is the boss pets. It was such a great idea to put these in the game and while some of them take what feels like they take an age to get. When you have one tagging along it really is awesome! That is why today, just for fun we are looking at some of the harder to get Runescape boss pets!

All these boss pets have a base drop rate of 5000 according to the Runescape Wiki so you are going to need a lot of spare time to try and get one of these guys to drop.

Some Of The Harder RS Boss Pets To Get


Chick'arra is one of the more interesting looking boss pets as he is quite cute. We really like the design that Jagex have done and for those who want a boss pet that does kind of look like a real pet, you cannot go wrong with this guy.

Commander Miniana

Commander Miniana is not one of our favorite looking boss pets as she looks far too much just like a regular person so having her tagging along is kind of weird. But we guess that is what some of you guys love about her.

General Awwdor

Now here is one that looks pretty badass! When you have General Awwdor tagging along with you. It is like having your own mini General Graardor. Which lets other players know that you are the real deal when it comes to Runescape.

K'ril Tinyroth

K'ril Tinyroth is like having your very own personal little demon, complete with swords that look awesome! We think this is the kind of boss pet that makes you look and feel more intimidating!

While these are some of the harder to get boss pets in Runescape. We would love to know what ones are your favorites. Thanks for reading and be sure to stock up on our very cheap RS Gold!

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