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Some Great AFK Money Making Ideas In Old School Runescape

Old School Runescape is awesome and today we are not showing you where to buy Runescape Gold! Instead we are sharing with you a few ways that you can make some money while you are AFK! So no matter if you are at school, work or even worse lunch at the in laws! Ok so that may be exaggerating AFK a little bit, but you get the idea. You can make a little extra money and not worry about where to find cheap OSRS gold.

Horn To Dust

Ok so this may sound like an 80’s heavy metal album. But what we are talking about here is grinding Unicorn Horns into Unicorn Dust. Full disclosure here that Unicorn Horns are not the easiest thing to come across, but if done right this can earn you an estimated 250 to 500k in an hour! There is no level requirements here at all so if you have some starting cash and come across a way to get Unicorn Horns early on this can be very helpful.


Runescape Cannonballs

Cannonballs are awesome and with around four minutes in between each “action” this is a great one to do while watching TV or even doing some homework. You can make a few hundred k in an hour or so and cannonballs are a much more realistic and easy way to make some easy money. Sure the XP is not that great, but this is all about making money. So making cannonballs is the way to go if you want to do something quick and easy.

Monk Fishing

Ok so this is not an exact science as it is possible that your fishing spot might disappear. Monk Fish is an easy way to get some good money and again like Cannonball this is great to do if you are busy doing something else. Monk Fish are possibly the easiest way to make money AFK  out of the three we have looked at and would be a great place for a newbie looking to make money AFK to start. 

So there you have it some great ways to make some money AFK that will hopefully allow you to do more with your cheap OSRS gold and maybe even give you a little more time to think about where you can buy cheap Runescape gold!

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