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Skilling Outfits: Now Available In Runescape

Ok so do not worry about looking for where to buy Runescape gold as now there are some amazing Skilling outfits that you can actually earn through game play. We think that this is awesome and that is what we are taking a little look at today. Please not that these are exclusive to Treasure Hunter and if any of the things we discuss do not sound familiar to you then please look at a Runescape Wiki to help guide you.

Skilling Outfits


Now you have the chance to get outfit pieces after Guthixian Caches. This one really could not be any easier to do so do not worry about it. It may be a little time consuming, but it is not hard.


The Gnome Restaurant is one of the most fun mini games in the whole game. By doing the hard deliveries, you will get the chance to get outfit pieces. This is fun and gets you an awesome skilling outfit.


For this one you will have to know what Familarisation is (since you are reading this we assume you do) any supply crates you get from Familarisation will now give you the chance to get outfit pieces.


This is not a chance based skilling outfit! In order to get this you will have to go to Ectofuntus and use 1000 Ectotokens to get it. This is a bit of a pain to do as there is quite a few steps to do in order to get Ectotokens so be prepared for this to take a little while. Still as this is not time locked or chance based it is actually pretty fair and pretty much a guarantee to get if you put in the work.

So there you have the four basic new Skilling outfits that are now obtainable through actual game play. We think not hiding skilling outfits behind a pay wall and forcing players to buy Runescape Gold was a great decision. Just make sure that you properly read up on how to get each one before you try to do it!

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