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Runescape stake would make you lose everything because of gambling

Runescape has a serious gambling problem, that is stake in duel arena, it has gradually got worse and worse on young people over the years. We talked to one of the stakers in runecape who used to own 2billion Runescape gold, but now he lost everything, let's see what his opinion to runescape stake now:

Hello all,

My name is Chris. I have a serious gambling problem, it has gradually got worse and worse over the years. It always seems to start as a few runescape gold here and there for a bit of fun but then escalates in to Millions of runescape gold at a time.
Up until the weekend I have been living with my girlfriend in Chesterfield. She is the love of my life, I saw us as being together forever. I have been gambling erratically for the last few months in particular. She kept giving me chance after chance until she had enough. I am now living on my friends futon down in London as she kicked me out (I don't blame her). 

This is because last weekend I was gambling with her money, i spent £290 in one day (because i lost my runescape gold, and I buy runescape gold from a legit rs gold store, I sold my iphone to replace most of the money, however that is not good enough. I had abused her trust as I did it behind her back. The lies and deciet hurt her more than the money she says. I will never meet anyone like her again in my life. God I am such an idiot.

I want to everyone of runescape players realize this: do not stake in runescape, even this is virtual game gambling, but it has no difference with real-life gamble, it will make you lose everything, even would destroy your life, and lead you way to criminal.

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