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Runescape's first expansion is going to be Menaphos?

What about Elf City, wasn't that an expansion?

runescape Elf City

Elf city was a Power to the Players request where we voted which update we wanted to see. Elf City beat Invention and so it was released first. Menaphos is an expansion because we're not just getting a quest and a new social space. So far Menaphos is going to feature several quests on it's release, unlike Elf City which had quests placed there later on. Menaphos is also going to bring Slayer to 120 and include a new Slayer Dungeon complete with new monsters, a new master, and new activities. Menaphos is also going to include new bosses, some of which are apparently unlocked through the new Slayer Dungeon. There's going to be way more than this, these are the ones that have been talked about.

I swear, it looks like his shirt was animated throughout most of that video. While I don't play Old School like a large chunk of the community, I do look into some of the content that their specialized team provides them. I remember seeing the skillcapes receiving special abilities of their own for the player's devotion to leveling the skill to max. It's good to see that coming to Runescape3 now.

I'm also glad to see that there is more content being added to Invention, that's always something good. And the 15 year cape...I wonder how many people are still around to claim those and how many stayed silent only to acquire seasonal rewards.

I honestly didn't think that there would be many 15 year veterans of Runescape left, but I guess everyone lays low on it. That's great to hear.

I'm pretty sure it won't take long. Then again, I'm one of many that probably have pull that assumption out of thin air. I don't know the exact number of people and I can't deny that I was one of them at one point. I did go play Old School Runescape for a bit for the nostalgia and relive the days that allowed me to meet my three greatest friends.

I can't remember the statistics on bots between the two. But, I will definitely say that OSRS is far superior in those numbers. That's from my point of view, at least.

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