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Runescape must adapt to the times and realize their death system

As it is now you can easily never lose anything ever UNLESS you DC which is why we need the change. I don't personally PVM that often but the thought of taking 30m+ of items to PVM and lose it from a DC makes me kind of worry about the future of the game. Runescape must adapt to the times and realize their death system is outdated and it needs to change either by a few tweaks OR by a complete overhaul. 

So I have notice a lot of people have been having problems in the last day or 2 with dying with DCs. I have been thinking and have come up with a few possible solutions to fix it.


- Remove Graves

- Keep all non degrading items automatically with no penalty

- All degrading items suffer a small degrading cost for EVERY death no matter what(5% or something)

What I still don't get is why not just do this? Make it so items of certain quality ALWAYS degrade when you die and be done with it? I mean we could change around the porters and prayer for protect item to reduce the cost or something instead of protecting an item? 

Idea 2

- Charge X amount per item in your inventory(excluding food, pots, etc.)

- This only happens IF you don't confirm what you want to keep.

- This can be turned on/off.

- All degradables could degrade 5% but non degrading items would cost you x% of the GE value to keep.

- This would automatically happen if you no longer are connected to the server and when you respawn you'll be wearing everything still but will have lose runescape gold.

I am not sure the possibilities of how this will work since I can't imagine it would be to hard but what happens if you die and don't have enough cash to pay to keep rs items and what not. 

Anyone else have any better ideas? I personally think we need a big rework of the death system and as players it is up to us to pitch ideas for them to think about. We ultimately are the ones who can demand a change to the current system but my thought is a system that WILL NOT effect the current economy anymore.

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