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Runescape monster weaknesses

The idea of this thread is to recognise monster weaknesses more. I remember back when a monster weakness was really vital to the game. It would make use of a range of runescape equipment in the game. But now it seems to be that many monsters can easily be killed with any weapon that is level 80+ which leads to the question, why have a weakness in the first place if level 80+ weapons are better.

I think to myself of a good monster in the game, the corporeal beast. He is a good fighter, and is weak to spears. Spears deal 100% damage and other forms of attack have their damage split by half. However, currently he is listed to have no weakness. Jagex, I think that you need to re-think the weaknesses of each monster because this will make each fight unique again. What you need to do is re-think each monsters' weakness and agree on it, then create something unique to that specific monster to make people think more carefully about the gear they choose to fight it with.

For example, revenants are currently weak to salve amulets because they are cursed beings, ghosts who did not pass onto the next world yet. I think it would be a really good idea to think of new weaknesses. Revenants could be weak to items with high prayer bonuses, because they are holy and blessed items which harm their cursed and darkened souls. This would make white armour useful, as well as any weapon with a prayer bonus attached to it. In addition to this, any weapon which isn't a prayer runescape item could have a damage reduction of 20%, a small reduction which means that players can still use the gear they want without much penalty and enjoy the battle, however prayer would be the best fighting option because they are weak to it.

I use the example of the corporeal beast again, because he is my favourite boss in the game. He has valuable loot and very rare loot which makes you want to keep fighting him but he is also tough but not so tough you can't beat him. If corporeal beast wasn't weak to spears and strong against everything that wasn't a spear, I would not like the boss so much because he would be too easy and the fighting experience would not be as unique.

Jagex, you need to re-do monster weaknesses. Make monsters with weaknesses very weak to them. Weakness forms of attack should be buffed in damage and accuracy, but other forms of fighting should have decreased accuracy or decreased damage in some cases. I remember when you used to splash magic spells a lot on dragons because they were strong against magic but weak to melee and range. Monsters don't have to follow the combat triangle with their weaknesses so be creative, just make each monster battle unique and the game will be more fun again.

You could even go on to make specific weaknesses for player armour and link this to monster attacks. For example, dharoks could be weak to fire spells, and the king black dragon's form of attack can be fire magic breath, which means that damage and accuracy are increased to a player specifically wearing dharoks. However, armour like pernix could be weak to fire spells, and have increased defence against fire breath magic, making it less damaging and less accurate.

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