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Runescape got DDOS attack due to jagex banned large amount of accounts

It is them because they are announcing on twitter every time before they take a server down on a game, there is no way they could have predicted that. Yesterday I was playing Runescape trying to finish a quest and I see the server is lagging and I checked their twitter page and right at that moment they made a post about taking the old school servers down again and the sure enough they went offline.

Runescape got DDOS attack

I have been playing MMO's for a long long time, and have definitely experienced my share of server issues. To say that this is the first time that this is happened to me would be a lie, and I'm sure this is true for anyone reading this. But this is the first time I have ever complained or written about it because honestly the way in which this has been handled is absolutely disgusting. 

Not only is this issue taking way longer than I have ever experienced before but the complete and utter lack of communication from the Jagex team is what upsets me the most. While not being able to play a game due to server outages is bad. But in every previous experience for me the communication has been sufficient. Not knowing and the lack of communication makes this so much more painful and there is really no excuse for it. It would take less than 2 minutes to provide updates at a decent rate and there is no excuse for this level of lack of communication whatsoever. 

Around the past 7 days they sport servers have been the concentrate on of recurring DDoS attacks. A Distributed Denial of Assistance (DDoS) disrupts an on the internet assistance by overwhelming it with malicious targeted traffic - building it more difficult for legit end users to be served. Sadly, DDoSing is a consequence of exploiting elementary flaws with the infrastructure of the Web, and DDoS assaults can acquire a lot of forms - which will make defending versus them an ongoing problem. You can read more about this here.

Of course that online games are not perfect and none expects everything to run smoothly 24/7 but in major issues like this companies themselves offer some sort of reimbursement. Or Jagex should simply freeze membership and shutdown servers for maintenance till everything is fixed.

Regarding runescape was attacked by DDoS, some people says it is because Jagex banned many runescape gold famers' accounts, and those farmers revenged accordingly later. :) :)

Also you can try this: fill it out and see what they say.

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