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Runescape construction or summoning

The Question:

Construction and Summoning are both well overdue for their renovations, but I propose a content poll for these two skill renovations: which one should come first?


This skill has been in game since May 31, 2006, and in recent years, it has essentially died. The Construction skill renovation will not only make houses more cosmetically appealing, but more dynamic in design and customization. It is also suggested that Player-Owned-Houses will be implemented with more uses for runescape players than simple cosmetics and storage.


Summoning is, undeniably, one of the most useful skills in the game. Familiars have changed the way players interact with the game across many aspects from skilling, combat, questing and even slight increases in inventory slots. Summoning has become essential to Runescape. However, the skill significantly suffers from the only method of training: infusing pouches.

The skill renovation will remedy the stiffness of the skill in providing experience for using familiars in combat and skilling -- encouraging players to use familiars. Players will also be able to level their familiars, and as such, lower-tier familiars will still be useful to players with higher Summoning levels. Familiars will also have specific and various abilities for different uses.

The Question Remains:

Which would you rather see implemented first, and why? Personally, I choose Summoning. Now, Construction is one of my top two favorite skills (Hunter and Construction, respectively) and Summoning is one of my least favorite skills, and since I have not the resources or the motivation to train it, I would like to see Summoning renovated first so I can utilize it for its full purpose and potential.

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