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Runescape bonds two weeks in

"Bonds have proven wildly successful, exceeding even our best expectations. Having seen the positive effects bonds have already had in the past two weeks in combatting runescape gold farming, and the overwhelmingly positive player response, we're ready to roll out our next initiative.

We've already tackled one kind of bot, the gold farmer, and seriously disrupted real world trading. However, we want to get rid of all bots within Runescape, and that's what this next program will aim to do.

Why do players bot, we asked ourselves. There were two primary reasons - first, earning the gold needed to advance one's account in gear and skills was extremely time-consuming, tedious, and difficult, so players were turning to gold farmers to earn that gold for them. We've countered that by selling the gold ourselves, so now players can buy their way to a strong runescape account through us, rather then relying on bots to farm that gold.

The second reason was experience. Even with large amounts of gold, some skills are still incredibly tedious, and several can't really be significantly affected by spending on them. We considered a complete remake of the skill system, offering a buyable route for every skill, but we realized that some players would still find training with the quick, buyable routes too tedious.

There was only one solution - offer players a way to gain experience directly, via microtransactions on our website. Not only will this allow our well-off players to avoid playing the game entirely, it will also provide us with a healthy revenue to feed back into the game so we can continue to provide quality content enjoyed by all. Best of all, this not only fills the same demand bots once did, it does so even better then they ever could, by removing not just the need for actual effort, but also time, to improve one's skills.

With this in mind, we look forward to open our XP Lamp store on the website. These will work similar to existing XP Lamps, but will be bought from us like bonds."

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