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Runescape Zombie Infection Problem

Except that the infection bit is annoying, and while I love the sound of the game, I can't turn it on this weekend because of the infection noises. Also, the fact that you can't rest, and that it can interfere with many actions such as clue scroll puzzles makes it a major game interrupting factor for some of us. I've personally spent almost the entire promotion either in deep wilderness, boss instances (and I only boss once a week or so), or generally avoiding other people. When I found out I could opt-out by turning off assist system, I did so, but now there's other game aspects I like that I can't enjoy because I have to have this thing off. Also, in the brief time I decided to try it before avoidance started, I found that most people either were unbiteable (assist turned off) or had already been bitten, making it no fun to play (what's the fun in being able to haze random people by biting them if everyone's unbiteable?). 

Runescape Zombie

Now, if it only lasted a minute or five, then it might be more fun to play, although it would still be a major nuisance to anyone trying to play a different aspect of the game. I say that that aspect was not well thought-out at all.

Also, the event isn't just a nuisance to low-level players. Invention is my only skill below 83, and the quests I haven't done number under 30. That should mean I should be able to do most of this right? Nope. Either it's locked behind endgame quests that I still can't complete due to difficulty (and I finished rotm and fotg), it takes levels above 90, or it's a grind that would be measured in days. Not even going to try this one, jag. Even maxed players would need to buy keys to finish in time. 

Which I get. You're trying to sell hundreds of thousands of keys to make money. We saw that when the Dungeoneering outfits had 4 combinable outfits, not "just" 3, guaranteeing that I actively tried not to get any pieces because I knew it would never be completed. But this is just so bad, it becomes abundantly clear how much you hate your players, even maxed ones. It goes over the top, making it "look" achievable, if one just tries, and uses stickers for the few tasks that are just outrageously expensive or time-consuming, like... oh, just about the entirety of the tasks below the first row.

The one that looks MOST doable is the 5 medium/large floors, and it takes me 20 minutes to half an hour to solo a medium floor to completion. If a group of 5 can do it in 10 minutes, that's... Oh, 50 minutes. For one task. 4 hours 10 minutes for all 5 times through that task. If they were all that "short", that would take 800 minutes, or 13 hours 20 minutes per card. To get all 5, that's 66 hours 40 minutes over the weekend. But many of the tasks take even longer or are time-sensitive, like the poison ivy bushes - over 2 hours between runs, 2 runs per card, so that's at least 10 runs. But those fit comfortably within the time needed for the other tasks. Take the 3 maxed slayer contracts: Say I take aberrant spectres. As a normal player with 88 range, say I take 15 seconds a kill. 4 kills a minute. A contract is 170 kills, so that's 42.5 minutes. Allot 30 seconds to get another. That task takes me 129 minutes, or 2 hours 9 minutes, to complete. Run before and after and poison ivy is done. 14 tasks to go. 5 of those slayer contract tasks takes me 1 hour 9 minutes more than a full 8-hour work day with a lunch hour in the middle. Cremate 200 vyres? From recent experience, it takes me at least 2 hours to kill 200 vyres melee (85 att/str). Another 10 hours there. 

Thus far I've covered 4 tasks, and it's already taking 24 hours 19 minutes plus however long 10 bush runs is (and those aren't the fastest farming plots to reach - 3 hours?). This event started at 120 hours remaining. With 2 full work days in there. Somewhere, the math doesn't work out, unless Jagex is trying to be the next WoW and have someone die from playing for 120 hours straight with no food or sleep. The keys are supposed to make these promotions easier, not doable or even bearable. Jagex, it's too late to fix this event, but it's not too late to learn from it: Think through events, and never do anything this egregious again. If this doesn't stop here, you'll find yourselves with no players left to pay.

I know one task is a free task that grants 2 "get-out-of-task free" cards. I haven't covered the more expensive tasks, but I guarantee many players will use that task to get out of expensive/quest-locked ones. That still leaves 11 tasks, probably including at least 3 of the 4 I mentioned. 11 tasks, at 5-10 hours to complete each one 5 times. No matter what way you look at that, it's insane. No game should be promoting fitting that kind of grind into 5 days. It's just unhealthy. From someone who loves the game, don't do this again.

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