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Runescape Wilderness Improvements

Weather effects like sandstorms or tornadoes could reduce stats until they achieve 1, also knocking you lower and stunning you so that your stats are drained much more.

At random roaming amazing dealing heavy damage, but propagates towards more gamers and also the damage will get split but it's fast damage along with a quick ko if you do not move fast. It might also be a master at combating the large pking clans simply because they might have something to bother with themselves even when it is not other pkers.

I believe quick-sand will be a pretty awesome environment factor for that backwoods. Say as if you along with a friend are simply delicately minding your personal business and your friend begins to permeate the floor. You can help to pull them out before they sink and finish up dead in edgevile. Obviously, dying by quicksand could be rare even while a soloer, since there would probably be nearby tree branches to understand onto and pull yourself up. However, if you're running from pkers plus they threshold stun you, you are virtually accomplished for because you cant move. Possibly even create a threshold ability for freedom that may avoid special conditions like quicksand stuns.

Fog will be a excellent weather to include a backwoods scare for me. When there's fog, you are able to only visit a couple of squares around your character, even the player and npc dots in your minimap disappear, you are able to only see red-colored dots for drops or navigation and your minimap becomes quite clouded too.

I believe a backwoods warhorn/trumpet could be awesome for pker teams. Once they choose an exciting ground attack somebody can blow world war 2 trumpets, or war drums to improve their team's morale and provide their team an arbitrary boost of elevated movement speed,  5% adrenaline start, or stat increase. A war drum/trumpet might be a drop from the new backwoods boss and shut opponents could be stunned if they don't anticipate in advance because the seem from the war drums would strike heavy fear in to the prey from the pking teams. It might also reduce run energy.

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