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Runescape Treasure Hunter: Rainbows End Thoughts

Ok so as the only person in the office who took part in Treasure Hunter when Rainbows End was taking place. I wanted to share a few thoughts on it and why it was one of the more underrated Treasure Hunter "events" to take place the last year or so. Look I know that some of you come here to buy runescape gold so that you can get gear to make your character look like a total badass, but I thought the rainbow theme from Rainbows end was a nice change of pace... Kind of weird, but I still got a kick out of it.

Treasure Hunter Rainbow's End

To give you an idea of what Rainbows End was all about there was Rainbow Chests and when you opened these up you had the chance to win a multiplier token. What was really cool about this was that there was a chance for a multiplier token that would multiply your prizes you earned during the promotion up to 7 X! So this was an event that you could really cash in with and most people who I know that took part in it did.

You may think that your character looks all cool in your steel and leather gear, but just wait until you are standing next to mine who is wearing a rainbow cape! In all honesty, this was not meant to be taken serious and it was just a lot of fun and something to brighten up the game with and I thought that was cool.

Also offering a multiplier up to 7 X was just awesome and one of the reasons I love Treasure Hunter so much and try to get other people in the office and other Runescape players, in general, to check it out. So next time there is a Treasure Hunter event, do not just ignore it, give it a try and you will have fun and score some pretty cool items as well.

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