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Runescape Treasure Hunter FAQ

Q: Why can't we receive the Frozen Hearts as a drop from monsters?
Mod Tom: It’s not completely out of the question that they might drop from monsters one day, but for now we’re going to monitor Treasure Hunter’s first few weeks and months, see how things shake out.

Q: Is there any true difference between the chests you can select from, or will they all give the same prize?
Mod Tom: The chests all contain different prizes, selected from the list you see in the ticker at the bottom of the screen.

Q: Why are the new keys printed on tickets rather than being actual keys?
Mod Ollo:
- They're easier to see on the ground.
- It avoids confusion with in-game keys so it's clear that, for example, they can't go on the key ring.
- They represent a key that you haven't claimed yet, so they're more like a noted runescape item.

Q: Why did Yelps shut down the Squeal?
Mod Tom: Yelps may not have had much of a say in the matter.

Q: How did Alice get all of Yelps' stuff?
Mod Tom: Alice loves exploring and adventuring, and the treasure chamber is just another one of her exciting discoveries.

Q: Why doesn't Alice pop up every time you use a key token and say, "Woohoo, extra key for me!"
Mod Tom: She’s a busy lady!

Q: 5 Frozen Hearts are gained after using 5 keys in a day. Is this the daily cap for Hearts from opening chests or are more obtained for more keys used on the same day?
Mod Ollo: There is no limit to the number of Hearts of Ice you can gain in a day.

Q: Frozen Hearts can be used to block undesired skill category rewards. Could you also let us earn some boosts to our rates of obtaining unique useful items such as Slayer masks, skill outfits and Magic Notepaper? This would of course be at the expense of not getting to use keys for random items as much.
Mod Tom: If there are items - or types of item - that are particularly sought after, there is a good chance we will release a promotion to give players a much better chance to win them for a period of time. We had a Skill Outfit Bonanza in November of last year, for example, and could certainly do a second this year.

Q: Will you finally lift the limit of cashing in only up to 10 keys from tokens?
Mod Pips: No, we prefer to encourage use of keys rather than to hording them.

Q: Is the new Mimic pet available for a limited time only or increased chances of winning for a limited time?
Mod Ollo: The Mimic is available for a limited time at present - so try to get it soon! It will be removed on Monday 10th February. We've not ruled out putting it back, but if so it's likely to be much harder to win.

Q: Is there a list of what rare and super rare items have been removed?
Mod Ollo: This isnt a full list, but...
None of the super rare cosmetic items or pets that were previously on the Squeal of Fortune have been removed.

The following lucky items have been removed at present (but we don't rule out them returning!):

Lucky abyssal whip
Lucky dragon 2h sword
Lucky dragon claws
Lucky dragon chainbody
Lucky dragon full helm
Lucky dragon platebody
Lucky arcane spirit shield
Lucky spectral spirit shield
Lucky divine spirit shield
Lucky elysian spirit shield
Lucky Bandos boots

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