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Runescape The Gates To Menaphos: The Golden City Set To Open This Summer

We have noticed more and more people looking to stock up on Runescape Gold lately and we think that is because of the June 5th release of  Menaphos: The Golden City which is one of the biggest things to happen to Runescape for well over a decade!

Supposedly, expansions are going to be released every three months and this is the first one. It does sound very exciting! The idea of this expansion is that the city of Menaphos is finally going to be opening its gates. Inside this glorious city is a whole load of mystery. There are new stories to be heard, riches to be found and of course, things to be killed. Menaphos is the kind of place that sounds too good to be true and after a little exploration, you discover that it is not the utopia that many people think it is!

Runescape The Gates To Menaphos

Honestly, the story sounds fantastic and so much so that we have a couple of people in the 2007RunescapeGold office that are flat out refusing to read any information about The Gates To Menaphos as they want to see the wonders this place has to unfold without them being spoiled.

It is certainly a very exciting time to be a Runescape player and we think that this new series of expansions are going to really make people's excitement for the game grow. Also, the fact that the Slayer Skill Cap is going to raise to 120 is sure to get many people interested, especially as there is a brand new Slayer Dungeon as part of this expansion.

We would love to hear if you guys are as excited for The Gates To Menaphos as we are. As always please check out our great deals as we are the number one place to buy RS Gold online.

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