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Runescape Summoning Guide

While we have been the number one place to buy Runescape Gold online for a while, we also love to play the game and help new players get into it. Well, today we are having a little bit of fun by sharing with you some great ways you can level up faster and easier.

Runescape Summoning Guide

Levels 1 – 4

Wolf Whistle Quest: This is a very easy quest to do and a great way to start you off on the right track. Completing the quest will get you,

1 Quest Point

276 Summoning XP

275 Gold Charms

Two Treasure Hunter Keys

Levels 4 – 16

Dreadfowl Pouches: Making Dreadfowl Pouches is a very easy way to get to level 16. You need to make 266 Dreadfowl Pouches which is quick, cheap and easy to do. To make these you need,

1 Raw Chicken

8 Shards

Levels 16 – 28

Granite Crab Pouches: By making, 375 Granite Crab Pouches, you will be able to skyrocket to level 28. To make these you will need the following, 

1 Iron Ore

7 Shards

Levels 28 – 33

Compost Mound Pouches: To reach level 33, you will need to make 150 pouches. To make just one Compost Mound Pouch you need,

1 Bucket Of Compost

47 Shards

Levels 33 – 40

Beaver Pouches: While you need 398 Beaver Pouches to reach level 40 this is still very easy and cheap to do. 

1 Willow Log

72 Shards

Levels 40 – 47

Macaw Pouches: Once again you are making more pouches (see a theme here?) so you should be used to it by now. Again these are simple to make and you need to make 346 to level up to 46. (you will have to make a further 128 to get to 47)

1 Clean Guam

78 Shards

Levels 47 – 52

Magpie Pouches: You will have to make 584 Magpie Pouches, but it should not take you too long.

1 Gold Ring

88 Shards

So there you have it how to get to level 50. It is actually a lot easier than you would think and you will be able to put your RS Gold to very good use once you are a higher level.

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