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Runescape Summer's End Quest Tips

Hey guys Summer's End is one of the most fun quests in Runescape. It is something I had a lot of fun with and something that made me glad that I knew the Best place to buy safe RS gold in 2007Runescapegold! Anyway this is a quest that has a reputation for being pretty brutally hard and while you most likely will die. I think it is a pretty fair quest and one that is well worth having some fun with. So I wanted to share a few tips for you. So take a break from looking for the Best place to buy OSRS Gold in and keep on reading!

Runescape Summer

What Do I Need?

This is exactly what you need to take part in Summer's End

Quest Requirement: All you need for this is Spirit of Summer.

Skill Requirements: There are quite a few you need  they are.

23 Summoning

35 Hunter

37 Woodcutter

45 Mining

47 Firemaking

55 Prayer

Items: These are the items that you are going to need to get through the quest.

1 Ghostspeak Amulet Or Cramulet

1 Jennica's Ring

3 (or more) Albino Rat Pouch

1 Hatchet (can use tool belt, but you are best using your very best)

1 Pickaxe

1 (at the very least in case it all hits the fan!) One Click Emergency Teleport

Also make sure you have a ton of food, pretty much fill your inventory up with it.

Completing The Quest

There are five main steps to beating this quest and that is what we are looking at here.

Luring The Spirit Beast

1: Find Summer at the Wilderness Wall which is at the North East end of Varrock.

2: Enter the portal and then activate Jennica's Ring while standing on it.

3: Go to the dungeon which is North and collapse the entrance.

4: Head back to the spirit realm

5: Using your blue familiar, lure the Spirit Beast to the cave and get inside before it can eat your familiar. 

Once You And The Beast Are In The Cave

1: Move away from the missiles, his ranged attacks do a fair bit of damage.

2: Go North and then cut 15 (has to be 15) logs from the wall

3: Make three fire pits with the logs you just got

The Dark Core

1: In the south east corner there is a passage, use this to go into the next room.

2: Avoid The Spirit Beasts Missiles

3: Once a Dark Core shows up, dig a hole and get the Dark Core to go into it.

4: Do this three times

Colored Graves

1: Pay attention to which of the graves the colored spirits go into

2: The Spirit Beast will use a colored attack. Bless the grave that has the same color.

3: Do this three times

The End

1; Speak to the spirits and they will block off the cave, sealing The Spirit Beast.

2: You have completed the quest. Have a beer and look for the Best place to buy OSRS Gold in as a reward for your epic efforts.

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