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Runescape Stealing Creation in Legacy Mode

Many of us have returned to the Legacy Beta Mode to test our favourite and only thing in game we enjoy, Stealing Creation. I will be posting regarding any glitches/feedback that should be improved regarding Stealing Creation, to perfect its gameplay as we remember and cherish it. I now speak on behalf of the SC Community:

Armour ratings are nowhere near corrected. It is too hard to hit through, it's defense and attack bonusses are nowhere near where it should be.Dagger hits are far away from correct, the hits are way too low. Magical hits are way too high, we are hitting constant 450s which shouldn't even be possible!The combat anumations are nowhere near what they used to be, it looks like we are aiming at ourselves, or throwing up.We are still kicking barriers. In EoC we got told to deal with it, it is a lot slower than when you are using a dagger or staff to get down the barrier. We obviously expect to be able to use a dagger or staff once again!

C5 Bars take 24 weapon hits to be destroyed.

C4 Bars take 16 ''

C3 Bars take 8 ''

C2 Bars take 4 ''

C1 Bars take 2 ''

Daggers and scimitars used to be at the same level range, scim hit slightly more but daggers are a lot faster, they are equals now and we would like to get our old daggers back, they used to be a very, very aggressive weapon in SC and want them back.

Ice barrage's freeze timer in SC used to be 3 seconds instead of the current 9,6/10 seconds. In pre-EoC we could use Ice barrage, fit 1,5/2 magic attacks in there before someone would be able to move again. After those 2 attacks you can move for the duration of 1 attack, after that attack, you are able to be frozen again. This allowed us to tank as efficiently as possible and was a really great system.

Manual casting magic spells used to be one of the best ways to mage, weather that was just with a staff or being geared. It allowed us to move quicker and prevent people from pickpocketing you. It basically was the key to survive.

For Stealing Creation, the tier system is very harmful to game play as it becomes very difficult for players to be competitive in the game without having top gear (C5 gear). Eliminating the damage cap on weapons of lower classes will fix this problem as the weapons will still be able to all have the same max hits while giving higher tiered weapons the advantage that they had Pre-EoC by having a higher accuracy. Spells should also have the damage caps that they had Pre-Eoc (with Ice Barrage having a maximum hit of 300 without any magic boosts) as being hit almost half of your hitpoints from a single attack is very harmful to the game. Daggers used to attack once every 3 ticks (1.8 seconds) compared to scimitars 4 ticks (2.4 seconds) and was a key foundation in the old Stealing Creation game play and this should be changed as well.

Stealing Creation's Familars, they can carry food, clay any kind of items. They are extremely easy to kill, they only have 3,6K hp in EoC. Before in Pre-EoC nobody botherd attacking the familiars because they simply had too much HP and it would take too long. We'd like to see this restored so we can have a good combat match and skill properly using our familiars.

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