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Runescape Soul Reaper FAQ

Q: Does the Full slayer helmet work for these new Death tasks?

Mod Ana: No, the Full Slayer helmet’s effects are not applicable on Soul Reaper tasks.

Q: What was the criteria for deciding which monsters would be added to the list of bosses? 

Mod Oliver: We went with what we felt were true bosses in RuneScape, which we based on a number of things. This included the ability to re-play the boss each day, advanced mechanics in comparison to regular monsters as well as worthwhile reward.

Q: It's fairly awkward to see if you've killed 10 of each boss. Could you add an overview screen like the normal slayer one so we can see this at a glance instead of having to hover over a tiny button for every boss? This could also say total number of bosses. This would help with keeping track for Vanquisher/Final Boss.

Mod Ana: We are planning on adding this! Hopefully we’ll get it done within the next few weeks so you shouldn’t have to wait long.

Q: Will there be an option in the future to ban certain assignments like with slayer?

Mod Ana: This is not something we have planned. We didn’t feel this was necessary considering the amount you can reroll per day, including the one completely free reroll.

Q: Who replaces Death in his office when he's been captured by Sliske?!?

Mod Ana: Frank.

Q: Is the 'Death's Note' an intentional reference to the Anime?

Mod Ana: Yes, this is thanks to our modeller, Mod Labl! I believe he put a couple other things in there.

Q: If you have a slayer creature in your blacklist (say, kalphites or demons), will Harold still be able to assign a boss of that race (Kalphite Queen or K'ril)?

Mod Ana: The Soul Reaper tasks are treated as separate so your slayer task will not influence your Soul Reaper task at all. If you have a kalphite slayer task, your reaper task could be Kalphite Queen, the kill would count for both.

Q: Why is there a 1-task per day default limit? I've killed 8 Corporeal Beasts, got 12k Slayer XP. Doesn't sound too OP, compared to the increase in Combat (& thus Slayer) XP we've gotten with EoC.

Mod Ana: We intended the reaper tasks to be a daily thing – not something you should be grinding. It’s more aimed at getting people to go to bosses, or as a bonus for those who already do. In addition to this, there is a reward where you can buy extra tasks with Slayer points – if you have this reward unlocked there’s no limit to how many you can buy and do a day (other than how many slayer points you have). As part of our feedback changes we will be lowering the price of buying additional tasks, however.

Q: Can we have the option of permanently getting tasks from Frank, instead of Death? or be able to alternate between the 2?

Mod Ana: Poor Death!! This isn’t something we are planning to add!

Q: Any chance of adding Dungeoneering Bosses (such as generic Stalker, Beheamouth, Kal'g*rion, etc) to the list of slayer bosses?

Mod Ana: This isn’t something we had considered. It seems a little unfair considering you’re not guaranteed to get a certain boss – it’s not like you can really choose to go and do it. It’s not something we’re planning in the near future.

Q: Would it be possible to assign more kills for weaker bosses so that they reward more points?

Mod Ana: We are looking at doing something like this due to player feedback. As I said in a previous answer, we are looking at doing this within the next few weeks so hopefully you’ll see the feedback changes soon.

Q: Could we put grim gem in slayer helm for convenience?

Mod Ana: This is not something we are planning to do for technical reasons. There are only so many right-click options we can put on an object and the slayer helms are absolutely full. To add the grim gem we’d have to basically add more menus etc to the Slayer helmet after you’ve chosen a right-click option, and that would detract from its convenience so it doesn’t seem worth it.

Q: Could you add stricter rules to what qualifies as a kill? Right now, all you have to do is damage the boss.

Mod Ana: We are not planning on changing this. We don’t want to penalise people who choose to group up and it would be unfair to say someone who has contributed hasn’t done enough to earn the kill.

Q: Are there any plans on allowing players to "reset" counts for specific Slayer monsters and/or Bosses? Same question goes to Boss timers.

Mod Ana: This is not in our immediate plans. It is a fairly interesting idea though – if there is enough player demand for it we could do it in the future, I suppose.

Q: How do you gain souls from the Queen Black Dragon when you only put her to sleep during the fight? 

Mod Ana: Good question.

Q: Could Dominion Tower bosses be added as Soul Reaper assignments?

Mod Oliver: They could be, however, we didn’t think it made sense seeing as the Dominion Tower is for replaying Quest bosses, in a safe area, without the usual drop reward system that you associate with bosses.

Q: Can Har-Aken be assigned if I haven't sacrificed a Fire cape for kiln entry?

Mod Ana: Currently yes, but this isn’t intended and is on our list to change.

Soul Reaper Rewards FAQ

Q: Could you let us recharge the new jewellery items with onyx gems instead of using the "degrade to dust" mechanic? Right now most of them have niche uses, making them not worth getting.

Mod Ana: This is on our list of feedback changes to make.

Q: Could it be possible to change "buy" into "purchased" for permanent rewards in the rewards interface? 

Mod Ana: This is on our list of feedback changes to make.

Q: How about adding Muncher (or a Muncher puppy) pet to the list of possible rewards?

Mod Ana: I saw quite a few people asking for this in game on release :)! Perhaps we could look into it in the future!

Q: Are there currently any plans to allow remote access to the Reaper and Slayer reward stores?

Mod Ana: This is not currently in our plans. It is much easier and safer to restrict the reward stores to Death/Slayer masters as then we know what the player buying the reward is doing and where they are. If you could access it remotely, you could be anywhere, doing anything, and that could lead to bugs.

Death FAQs

Q: Why is there an apple with one bite out of it in Death's office? Can he actually eat stuff or is it a habit from times past?

Mod Ana: See a previous question I answered about Mod Labl’s references ;).

Q: Why is there no exit for the normal door in Death's office's wall?

Mad Labl: This is to insinuate that this isn’t just a single room, it leads elsewhere in deaths mansion. One day, we can expand content to go there if we wish to do so.

Q: There's an emptied-out red hourglass in Death's office. Does the sand go from green to red when someone dies, or is this a special hourglass?

Mod Labl: This was just a little bit of visualisation to say that someone has died. Hense why the examine text is “time has run out” instead of “time is running out”.

Q: The center of the floor in front of Death's desk appears to be an hourglass with an inscribed ring around it. Is it just decor or is there more to it?

Mod Labl: The inscribed ring is just decoration. Originally it was wood around it, but it felt a little underwhelming so we gave it more detail.

Q: The portal to Deaths Office seems kind of lackluster. Its just a small circle on the ground in a random place. Will this be updated to be more aesthetically appropriate?

Mod Labl: It was an overly busy area already, so we just kept it simple. Perhaps a little too simple in hindsight.

Q: Where is the office located? Pocket dimension? What's the scary spiral thing at the bottom? What keeps the chains suspended?

Mod Labl: Deaths office is in Deaths own realm. Death had the office hoisted up by looming chains instead of using magics to make it float. Below is a maelstrom leading back to the world of Geilinor.

Q: Why does Death use different robes to those he uses in The World Wakes and Missing, Presumed Death?

Mod Ana: These are his office robes. Why shouldn’t he be able to have more than one outfit – what if they need washing?

Q: Why doesn't Harold have any PQD for TWW and/or MPD?

Mod Ana: This is something we simply didn’t have time for during the update, however it is something we would like to address post-release.

Q: When players die for the first time, will they end up in this office?

Mod Ana: Yes, the death tutorial now takes place in this new office.


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