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Runescape Skillcape Perks Are Awesome!

While finding a load of cheap Runescape Gold may make you great in the eyes of the community. It is a Runescape Skillcape that really sets you apart from the rest and lets people know just how awesome you are. Well while Skillcapes have always been pretty cool. Skillcapes have now been given perks which make them even more awesome. No OSRS gold is needed to do this. When you get a Skillscape, you get the perk it is really that simple.

Runescape Skillcape Perks

Most of these are always active, but some will require that you click the Skillcape with the right mouse button. These added perks to Skillcapes really does make you feel like you are being rewarded for your hours and hours of work in Runescape. Best of all you do not need to hunt around online for cheap Runescape Gold to get these Skillcape perks.

There are 28 different Skillcape perks that have been announced and just down below we are taking a look five of our favorites.

Attack: This one is really handy as it gives items that are degradable the chance not to degrade.

Magic: This one allows you to swap magic books at banks. We are sure for you mages this is going to be really handy.

Strength: Those who like to use dismember will love this as it gives you two more seconds to use it.

Cooking: Nothing more frustrating than when your food gets burned (can be a major waste of any cheap Runescape Gold you find!) but with this the perk, your food does not get burned.

Firemaking: When you activate this perk, you are able to start a fire in the spot you are standing. So far we have not heard of any place where this does not work! 

There is 23 more Runescape Skillcape perks finding the right one that is going to benefit your playstyle is going to be fun and also help you out a lot.

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