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Runescape Simplify Armour System Fix

We all know that the armour system is poorly functioning, counter intuitive and sometimes even misleading at the moment. There have been thousands of threads/posts trying to bring this to the attention of Jagex, many with excellent solutions on offer. I have some suggestions of my own. I will try to keep this short. 

Simplify Armour

Currently the defensive armour system has an armour value from rs 2007 equipment, armour value from def lvl, increased/decreased armour value due to combat triangle, Hybrid armour reduction, affinity points. Then add PVE damage absorption, PVP damage absorption damage blocking as in the void fiasco and who knows what else going on behind the scenes. All of this is somehow included in working out if you block or get hit in combat. Why?

Lets reduce the number of parameters involved, simplify your coding, and display it all in one clean interface. Armour needs stats, similar to pre-eoc in style, for Melee-Def, Range-Def and Mage-Def. If you require, certain items can also have a LP stat, Prayer stat and even damage reduction if necessary. But all of these stats would be set values that are attributed to that item and do not change. No behind the scenes changes, influences, affinities or anything else. 

Just replace the old slash, stab, crush stats with a single melee stat. Keep the rest as they were pre-eoc. Each item has set stats that don't change. Your equipment tab would display the total values for each of these 6 stats, which is just the sum of all stats for the rs items you have equipped.

This system is faster and simpler for new and old players to understand. Completely remove the affinity system. Show the actual armour values for each stat/ side of the combat triangle instead of the needlessly complex jumble of calculations and numbers you have now on the equipment interface. 


Currently power armour, hybrid armour, all type armour all have reduced armour values compared to tank armour of the same tier. This can still occur, however the way it is shown has been simplified. Simply reducing/increasing the stats an item has is enough to do any armour balancing you need to. 

Currently: Melee Tank body t70 (barrows) = 341 Base Armour +-142

Hybrid body t70 (Akrisae) = 226 Base Armour +- 0

All body t70 (Dragon Rider) = 226 Base Armour +- 0

New armour system:

Melee t70 Tank Body = 341 Melee Def, 483 Range Def, 199 Mage Def

Hybrid/All t70 Body = 226 Melee Def, 226 Range Def, 226 Mage Def

There are exactly the same values, just displayed so much clearer. 

Hit Mechanic

The armour system needs to be fixed so that without a decent armour value, you get hit regularly, but with decent armour, you block regularly. This would remove the need for the affinity system as wearing armour from the wrong corner of the combat triangle would mean you take constant damage.

Offensive penalties for using non-matching armour-weapon combos can still be penalised as they currently are.

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